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Do you love Indian food? Do you want to cook Indian food at home? In my eClass, as in my physical classes, I take you step by step, so that you can make much better Indian Cuisines at home.

Over past 10 years I had been teaching Indian Cookery to my ‘students’ from around the globe. Many of my students have asked me to launch my classes online. Neema’s Kitchen eClass is a result of it.

My eClasses are divided into 2 sections. Veg eClass and Non-Veg eClass. Vegans Classes are part of Veg Class and mentioned as Vegan on the Video. Gluten Free  are added on  both Veg and Non Veg sections and mentioned accordingly.

I will be keep on adding more videos to Veg & Non-Veg eClasses. Please let me know in case you would like to learn any particular Indian Dish, I shall try to include them.

Welcome to my world of kitchen and learn how to cook with Love.

Hands on Class ???

If you would like to participate in Physical Indian Cookery classes, then please visit Neema’s Kitchen at Kochi, India. Where I run hands on experience Cookery classes at my Kitchen. For more details please visit …..



Many Tips & Tricks, used in Indian Kitchens are handed down through generations from Mother to Daughter. Other Tips & Tricks described here are invented by me while taking classes to my students at Neema’s Kitchen. Their questions prompted me to find those out.

I will be posting a YouTube video with Tips & Tricks every alternate Friday. These will include much sought after questions like How to make a PerfectGinger Garlic Paste‘ ‘ Garam Masala and many more. So, just tune in every alternate Friday for my new Episode of Tips & Tricks. Please subscribe Neema’s Kitchen YouTube Channel and click the BELL icon, so that you won’t miss any Episode of Tips & Tricks from Neema’s Kitchen.

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